Written by Anna Sonnenberg

15 Social Media Tools That Enhance Productivity


Watch your productivity soar when you’ve got the right social media tools in hand. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites. 

When you run a social media agency, improving productivity is a constant goal. Naturally, if your team can accomplish more with fewer resources, you can then focus on offering higher-value services or expanding your client roster instead.

So, what’s the key to doing more with less? With the right tools, your agency can save time, get better results, and handle more clients.

Take a look at 15 essential social media tools that can help your digital agency enhance productivity.

1. AdEspresso

social media tools for productivity - AdEspresso If your agency oversees paid social media, an ad management tool is essential. With AdEspresso, you can create Facebook and Google Ads in bulk, experiment with split tests, and automate promotions. AdEspresso offers ad analytics, so you can prepare reports without leaving the dashboard.

Busy teams can also leverage AdEspresso’s optimization features. Once you set up rules for your ads, this tool automatically optimizes your campaigns. That means you can get the best results for clients without spending time on manual checks.

2. Agorapulse

An all-in-one social media dashboard is the ticket to saving time on scheduling, engagement, listening, and reporting tasks. Agorapulse has a publishing calendar, a social inbox, a listening portal, and reporting features in a single tool. That means your team can tackle all your social media tasks in one place.

social media tools for productivity - Agorapulse

Agorapulse works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. The X-Large plan supports up to 40 social profiles, so your agency can manage dozens of clients at once—without having to log in to multiple platforms.

3. Animoto

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time your agency makes a client video. With Animoto, you can use video templates to simplify your productions. You can choose from categories like product launches, how-to explainers, or other concepts. Then plug your clients’ material into the social media-friendly template. Each one has royalty-free music, so you don’t have to spend hours finding acceptable audio.

social media tools for productivity - Animoto

If your agency excels in the creative department, you can also use Animoto to make videos from scratch. Just choose a theme, upload media, and produce a video in minutes.

4. Brandlive

Live video is a key part of many brands’ social media strategies. Yet setting up live videos for clients often means endless troubleshooting and oversight. With Brandlive, your team can spend less time on set-up and management, and focus more on strategy and creative direction.


This tool has high-quality production features to ensure that clients look their best. Brandlive also has engagement tools. Clients can get more out of audience interactions. Brandlive even saves videos for repurposing and provides analytics, so your team can gauge success.

5. BrandMentions

When your agency can’t afford to miss a client mention, you need a powerful tool that meets all your monitoring needs. BrandMentions scours social media and the web for client mentions and other keywords. This tool provides instant alerts and gauges sentiment so you can react accordingly.

social media tools for productivity - BrandMentions

With BrandMentions, you can also follow industry trends, spy on competitors, and find influencers. Because it tackles every aspect of monitoring and listening, this tool can replace multiple other apps and streamline your team’s process.

6. Canva

Creating and managing client graphics can get messy, especially if your agency lacks user-friendly design and organization tools. Canva provides both tools in one and supports teams, making it a solid pick for agencies.

social media tools for productivity - Canva

With Canva’s huge library of social media templates, your team can create graphics for Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms in seconds. Using the built-in brand kit, you can keep client logos, fonts, and colors consistent. Canva’s filing system even ensures that everyone has the most up-to-date version, so your team always publishes the right design.

7. CoSchedule

Marketing campaigns can become complicated quickly, whether they involve multiple social platforms or several marketing channels. With its user-friendly marketing calendar, CoSchedule helps agencies keep track of complex promotions. This tool lets your team map out campaigns, integrate marketing channels, and stay ahead of deadlines.

social media tools for productivity - CoSchedule

CoSchedule also lets you add team members, assign tasks, and attach files, making it a sort of marketing-focused project management tool. With CoSchedule, you can even send calendar links to clients to keep everyone in the loop.

8. Keyhole

Monitoring hashtags often requires a lot of repetitive, tedious work. With Keyhole, your agency can set up hashtag tracking systems that do the monotonous part, so you can focus on analysis and optimization.

social media tools for productivity - Keyhole

Keyhole’s listening feature follows Twitter and Instagram hashtags and reports on engagement, reach, and active users. This tool provides easy-to-read reports, and it effortlessly quantifies the results of your clients’ campaigns. Keyhole also identifies influencers and measures their performance, so you can streamline your workflow even further.

9. MobileMonkey

Native social media tools can only do so much in terms of lead generation. If your agency needs to get better results for clients, you could be stuck with time-consuming manual outreach.

social media tools for productivity - MobileMonkey

With MobileMonkey’s social media chatbot tool, you can handle engagement and lead generation automatically. This tool connects with Facebook Pages, where the chatbot can welcome visitors, answer questions, and encourage conversions. Even if you don’t have developers on staff, you can build chatbots easily with the widget and dialog options.

MobileMonkey also has native analytics to help you optimize your approach.

10. Quuu

Sharing the right curated content can help you take clients’ social media feeds to new heights. But if you don’t have time to follow industry news, finding content efficiently can seem impossible.

social media tools for productivity - Quuu

With Quuu, you can automate both content curation and publishing. Once you select interest categories, Quuu identifies and shares content via select social media tools. Whether review and manually post your curated content or set a publishing schedule and fully automate the process, you can save tons of time.

11. Reputology

Quick responses to client reviews are critical, whether the comments are positive or negative. Yet monitoring reviews is often easier said than done, especially if your clients receive comments on multiple platforms.

With Reputology, you can avoid logging in to each service separately and instead manage all your client reviews in one dashboard. This tool connects with Facebook, Google My Business, and other review platforms, allowing you to read and respond to comments efficiently. Social media agencies and digital agencies can also take advantage of built-in team performance tools, competitive benchmarking, and white labeling options.

12. RivalIQ

Your agency needs a solid reporting method to monitor metrics and demonstrate value. Yet pulling native analytics is rarely a quick process, and many social media dashboards lack good reporting features.

social media tools for productivity - RivalIQ

With RivalIQ, you get all the reporting features you need in a single dashboard. This tool tracks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn analytics. It also pulls insights from Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. You can even plug in your clients’ top competitors to compare social media performance. RivalIQ offers scheduled reports, so your clients’ results appear in your inbox like clockwork.

13. Tailwind

Few social media dashboards support Pinterest, which may force your agency to do real-time posting. With Tailwind, however, your team can schedule Pinterest posts in advance and create a publishing calendar to keep clients’ feeds fresh. That means you can bulk publish rather than taking time out of your day to share client Pins.

social media tools for productivity - Tailwind

Tailwind automatically suggests popular Pins relevant to your client accounts, helping you curate content efficiently. In addition, the tool has a SmartLoop feature that shares high-performing evergreen content and analytics to help you track success.

14. Twitter Lists

Your agency may monitor hundreds or thousands of accounts for breaking news and keen insights. But if you want to make sure you never miss a tweet from an important account, you might be stuck checking Twitter notifications at all hours.

social media tools for productivity - Twitter Lists

If you’d rather avoid the notifications but still stay keep your finger on the pulse, Twitter Lists can help. With this native Twitter tool, you can create lists of the accounts that matter to your clients. That means you don’t have to waste time checking feeds manually. You can organize lists by client, topic, or any other category and even share them publicly.

15. Zapier

When apps don’t connect seamlessly with each other, your agency may have to build systems to fill in the gaps. With Zapier, however, you can link social media tools with other apps and make sure they communicate without missing a beat.

social media tools for productivity - Zapier

Zapier allows your team to automate tasks like publishing new blog posts on Twitter, sharing Facebook posts from one page to another, or publishing new Shopify products on Instagram. You can choose from prebuilt zaps or build your own sets of actions to get the job done effectively.

Takeaways: What Social Media Tools Does Your Agency Need?

No matter which services your agency offers, these social media tools can help your team streamline workflows and get more done.

So what’s the next step? Set up a Social Agency Scout profile so your agency can establish credibility and start growing its client roster.

Anna Sonnenberg

Anna Sonnenberg is a digital marketer who specializes in paid social strategy, social media management, content strategy, and email marketing. For over six years, she has run Sonnenberg Media, a digital micro agency that works with small businesses in the natural food and beverage industry, health and sustainability market, and travel space.