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28 Social Media Experts to Learn From (Listed by Platform and Skill)


Want to learn more about a specific area of social media? Our comprehensive list of social media experts can help you find the best resource for learning more about what interests you most right now.

No matter how skillful someone is, that person can’t really be an expert in everything.

A social media expert is someone who has a deep knowledge of a particular area of social media.

So, we have created a list of people that have deep expertise in social media and break the list down by platform and skill.

You can jump to the most relevant section to find the people whose expertise you can benefit from.

Social Media Expert by Platform

Facebook | Social Media Experts

1. Mari Smith

Mari Smith is known in the marketing circles as the Queen of Facebook. She has built her reputation as a social media thought leader in the Facebook marketing area.

She regularly runs training and webinars for companies and speaks at conferences around the globe on the topics of Facebook marketing.

Mari Smith

She also leads “Flash'”courses, teaching people about the latest Facebook updates, Facebook Ad Optimization, Messenger for Business, and a whole lot more! Check out her blog for insightful social media marketing content.

2. Andrea Vahl

Andrew Vahl is a Facebook ads expert and the co-author of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.” She runs a course called Facebook Advertising Secrets.

For businesses, she offers one-on-one training, online courses, and workshops to help them get maximum ROI from Facebook ads.

Andrea Vahl

On her blog, she shares a number of highly valuable insights on getting the most out of advertising on Facebook.

3. Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a Facebook ads expert, an author, and a speaker who offers consulting and training on the topics of Facebook marketing via his website.

Jon Loomer

He regularly writes long-form articles and posts videos on his YouTube channel, sharing an impressive depth of Facebook marketing knowledge.

He also runs The Power Hitters Club, a community for experienced Facebook Marketing advertisers to exchange knowledge and practical tips on improving their skills.

4. Molly Pittman

Molly PittmanMolly Pittman is a digital marketer, international speaker, and co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast. She is a Facebook ads specialist, having spent over $14 million on paid traffic as of 2019.

Molly runs TrainMyTrafficPerson.com, a 16-week media buying mentorship/super-course, and TeamTraffic.com, a virtual mastermind group that provides digital advertisers with the ongoing training, resources, and support.



5. Natasha Takahashi

Natasha Takahashi is the co-founder of the Ineffable Marketing agency and the co-founder of School of Bots, a chatbot resource for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Her focus is on creating profitable chatbot campaigns and teaching about them both online and offline.

Natasha Takeshi

YouTube | Social Media Experts

6. Derral Eves

Derral Eves is a YouTube and Video marketing consultant with an extensive background in social media, mobile, and video marketing.

He started his YouTube channel to “share his passion and knowledge about YouTube with the world.”

Derral Eves

7. Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto runs a very popular channel on YouTube called DottoTech, where he helps businesses understand how they can leverage technology in their business.

He is also an expert at growing a YouTube channel and speaks at many events around the world on this topic.

Steve Dotto

Instagram | Social Media Experts

8. Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is a globally recognized expert on Instagram marketing, founder of Jenn’s Trends, and co-author of “Instagram for Business for Dummies.”

Her blog has won the title of a Top 10 Social Media Blog three years in a row. You should definitely bookmark it if you’re interested in upping your Instagram marketing game.

Jenn Herman

9. Sue Zimmerman

Sue Zimmerman is a world-leading authority on all things Instagram marketing. She is known for helping entrepreneurs and marketers to leverage Instagram to get real and measurable business results.

On her blog, you can find tutorials, proven strategies, and in-depth resources to help you generate leads from Instagram.

Sue Zimmerman

Twitter | Social Media Experts

10. Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn Sklar is a leading Twitter marketing expert. She hosts the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat that brings together hundreds of people in an active one-hour discussion on Twitter marketing. Since launching four years ago, it has reached over 10 billion impressions.

She also runs #TwitterSmarter podcast teaching people how to “work smarter not harder” on Twitter and get better results, faster.

11. Dan Knowlton

Dan Knowlton is a social media marketing expert, keynote speaker, and founder of Knowlton digital marketing agency.

Dan Knowlton

He runs the Business Anchors podcast and is ranked Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencer.

LinkedIn | Social Media Experts

12. Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is an author, speaker, and a world-renowned LinkedIn expert. She is the co-founder of Vengreso and the author of the books “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” and “LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand.

Viveka von Rosen

Viveka provides engaging and informational training with the tools and strategies you need to succeed on LinkedIn.

13. AJ Wilcox

AJ Wilcox is globally recognized as one of the top LinkedIn ads experts and is the founder of B2Linked, an agency specializing in LinkedIn advertising.

He also runs the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast. You can find most of the episodes with transcripts on his agency blog.

Through his work, AJ provides expert advice on how to drive business growth through LinkedIn.

AJ Wilcox


Pinterest | Social Media Experts

14. Jeff Sieh

Jeff Siehis an international speaker and visual marketing consultant, specializing in Pinterest, Instagram, and video.

He runs Manly Pinterest Tips where he shares amazing content on how to succeed with visual marketing. He also is the creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tips Show.

Jeff Sieh


Anna Bennett15. Anna Bennett

Anna Bennett is the owner of White Glove Social Media and a Pinterest marketing expert who helps businesses get more traffic, grow their sales, and rank high on Google leveraging Pinterest.

On her blog, Anna shares actionable tips on how businesses can use Pinterest to increase traffic and sales.

Social Media Expertise by Skill

Certain marketing skills and expertise can be applied across social media platforms.

Below, we’re listing people who you can follow to improve your skills in such areas as live video, community building, visual marketing, and more.

They can help you improve your marketing performance on different social media sites.

Live Video | Social Media Experts

16. Alex Khan

Alex Khan is the founder of Attractive Media agency, an international entrepreneur, social media coach and Europe’s No. 1 live video expert.

His work focuses on the creation of a uniform social media strategy and live video training.

Alex also runs workshops at industry events, educating people on how to grow their audience and boost sales with Instagram and Facebook live.

Alex Khan

17. Ian Anderson Gray

Ian Anderson Gray has helped many businesses around the world to improve their marketing results by using live video. He is an educator, a speaker, and a consultant on the subject of live video and social media technology.

Ian Anderson Gray

If you want to learn how to reach a wider audience in a more authentic way using live video on different social channels, you’ll find a wealth of useful content to help you out on Ian’s blog.

18. Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu is an award-winning digital marketing strategist, live streaming expert, and one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic of Facebook Live video.

She is the host of Lights, Camera, Live (live show on Facebook).

Stephanie Liu

If you want to learn more about leveraging live video to improve your marketing results, check out Stephanie’s blog.

Community Building | Social Media Experts

19. Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is the founder of iSocialFanz, social and digital strategist, and globally recognized thought leader in the area of building communities and audiences online.

Brian inspires, motivates and educates businesses on how to cut through the noise and truly engage with their target customers.

He shares some truly amazing content on digital marketing, emerging technologies, and community building on his blog.

Brian Fanzo

20. Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff is the CEO and founder of Boss Mom, an author, coach, business strategist, and a podcaster.

She has more than 10 years of experience in content creation and community building. She grew her brand into a six-figure business in less than a year.

Her focus is on providing resources that help mom entrepreneurs build thriving homes and businesses.

Dana Malstaff

21. Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson is an Emmy-winning meteorologist, speaker, and TV personality who now runs a very successful social media presence for Agorapulse.

If you need to manage and grow a community on social media, Jennifer is the perfect choice for learning more about it.Jennifer Watson

Visual Marketing | Social Media Experts

22. Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz is an expert on the topic of visual storytelling and content strategy. She provides tons of amazing content on her blog that can help you learn how to create impactful visual content for your business.

Her blog on Socially Sorted is one of the top social media blogs worldwide.

Donna Moritz

23. Dustin Stout

Dustin Stout is a digital marketing consultant, designer, and speaker. His blog was named by Social Media Examiner as one of their Top 10 Social Media Blogs.

Dustin Stout

Dustin runs an online course called Visual Content Mastery, teaching non-designers how to create highly effective visual content for social media and blogs.

Influencer Marketing | Social Media Experts

24. Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is one of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, a social media keynote speaker, and the author of a book called “The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand.”

Neal Schaffer

If you want to learn how to use influencer marketing to boost your social media results, Neal’s blog is definitely one to bookmark.

He also runs a podcast called Maximize Your Social Influence where he talks about all things social and digital.

25. Lee Odden

Lee Odden is a marketing strategist, author, speaker, and CEO of content and influencer marketing agency called TopRank Marketing.

His work integrates search, social, content, and influencer marketing for B2B brands. Check out his agency blog for useful content on all areas of digital marketing, including influencer marketing.

Lee Odden

Social Media Strategy | Social Media Experts

26. Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is a world-known educator, speaker, consultant and author of six best-selling marketing books, including Marketing Rebellion.

Mark’s programs focus on marketing strategies, covering everything from content marketing and social media to personal branding.

Mark Schaefer

His blog is one of the top five marketing blogs in the world and is your go-to place for keeping up with the changes in the area of digital marketing strategy.

27. Jay Baer

Jay Baer is the founder of Convince and Convert, a digital marketing strategy agency and one of the world’s top five social media blogs, a frequent conference speaker, and New York Times best-selling author of six books.

Jay Baer

If you’re looking for guidance in the area of strategic planning for your social media, then you should definitely follow Jay and subscribe to his newsletter and podcasts.

28. Kim Garst

Kim Garst is a best-selling author, award-winning blogger, and a highly sought-after marketing strategist. She is one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers and runs one of the most popular digital marketing blogs out there.

Kim Garst

Kim offers consulting and training services to businesses of all sizes, helping them increase their profits by integrating proven social media and digital marketing strategies.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this list useful and discovered people who will help you improve your social media marketing skills and become a better marketer overall.

Want to find a social media agency that can help you even further in your social media marketing? Check out our global directory to find a digital agency near you.

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