How do I achieve the blue check mark beside my agency?

When an Agency submits a listing it is manually reviewed by one of our staff. When the listing is approved you will get the blue check mark.

Why was Social Agency Scout created?

Social media is more important than ever for businesses. Yet finding a social media agency can be difficult and time consuming. Just as each business is unique, so is each agency. Each differs in size, services needed and provided, and budgets it works with. That’s why we created Social Agency Scout, the only free directory focused on helping businesses find agencies that offer social media services.

How does Social Agency Scout work?

Our directory is populated with agencies that offer social media services. Searching for an agency is easy. Just tell us what services you’re looking for and where you’d like the agency to be located. Within seconds, you’ll receive a list of agencies that meet both criteria. Click through that list to get more details about each agency’s size, services, and reviews.

Which geographic markets does the directory cover?

We realize that agency location is important to many businesses. In this beta stage of Social Agency Scout, we currently offer listings of agencies in several major cities in the US and some other countries. We are expanding this rapidly so watch out for more cities and countries soon.

Is it really free?

Indeed, it’s free for customers looking for a social media agency AND it’s free for agencies to have a page on Social Agency Scout. That’s hard to find — believe us, we looked.


How will a listing in Social Agency Scout help my agency?

A listing on Social Agency Scout gives you exposure in front of the right audience — those who are seeking an agency in your local area that provides the specific social media services that you offer. While paid social, search marketing, and in-person networking are often effective methods to attract new customers, they are time constrained, need to be repeated, and cost money. Scout presents your agency to potential clients everyday — for free. We also offer a high quality backlink to your homepage — a great SEO benefit.

What kind of agencies are listed on Social Agency Scout?

Agencies range from a team of 1 to 500. Some agencies provide a range of social media services while others focus on just one area of social media marketing (like Facebook advertising, for example). The directory has both agencies that offer services for businesses with tight budgets and agencies that offer services for businesses able to make large investments in their social media marketing.

How do I create an account with Social Agency Scout? / How do I submit a listing to Social Agency Scout?

Simply fill out the information at https://socialagencyscout.com/get-listed/

Does my agency have to pay to have a listing on Social Agency Scout?

Not at all! Having a free listing is something that we offer all agencies on Scout.

Can my agency delete negative reviews left on our Social Agency Scout listing?

To provide a holistic assessment of services rendered, an agency is not able to delete negative reviews.

Can my agency respond to reviews left on our agency Social Agency Scout listing?

At this time, agencies cannot respond to reviews.


Does my business need to pay to search the Social Agency Scout directory?

Absolutely not. You’ll already be spending money on a great agency to help you with your social media marketing. Why spend extra just to find that agency?

How will searching Social Agency Scout help my company?

We know you’re busy with your business. You have limited time to search for an agency that fits your social media needs. Other agency directories lump many services under the “social media” category. We know that business are looking for specific social media needs — whether it be training, account management, or strategy — and we’ve designed our directory to accommodate those needs.

So we created a system through which you’ll have a list of agencies in your desired location and providing the specific social media services you want within seconds.

Can I post an anonymous agency review on Social Agency Scout?

No. You must authenticate your identity with either your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. We offer those two login options to ensure that reviews are legitimate and of the highest quality possible.

How do I post a review of an agency on Social Agency Scout?

First, find the agency you wish to review. Near the bottom of the agency page, click on the “Write a Review” button to begin your review.