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These days, “viral marketing” refers to marketing techniques designed to increase brand awareness though word-of-mouth or social media marketing. It’s personal, sometimes serious, sometimes funny advertising that inspires viewers to share it discretely or broadly within their networks. Video, memes, games, e-books and incentive-based promotions are good examples. Incorporating viral marketing into your social media strategy and overall marketing strategy is beneficial; Done correctly, it’s a way to communicate your messages at a low cost, in a short period of time.

Do YOU need social media marketing?
Yes, you do. When it comes to looking for a business online, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social platforms are go-to resources for information. Consumers are drawn to the personal side of a brand, and want to know what others think of a company’s products or services before making a purchase. In short, you can build or strengthen your reputation, remedy a bad reputation, increase brand awareness and create community, dialogs and other interactions around your brand that aren’t possible via other forms of media.

Social media strategy and social media marketing are easier for some businesses than others, strictly due to the nature of products and services offered. Obviously it’s easier to gain followers if you’re selling a trendy, celebrity-endorsed clothing line than it is if you design custom eyeglass chains, but “easy” isn’t the point. These days, you can’t really afford to skip social media, even if you’re a globally-recognized enterprise. It’s OK to start small and build your way up… the important thing is to start.

Insyntrix helps clients of all sizes and industries establish and maintain a social media presence and, create targeted advertising across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Let’s talk about a viral marketing, social media marketing and a social media strategy that’s best for your business.

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