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Santa Fe, NM
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A one-size-fits-all marketing approach is not going to cut it. The world has changed, our customers have changed, your marketing must change with it. We help large and small businesses, churches, and nonprofits evaluate their brand, their customer experience and their goals and then help them identify what channels and tactics make sense, and which don't. From start ups to change management, we can help you put your best foot forward and meet or exceed your goals.
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Charity and Non-profit
Construction, Architecture and Property
Farming, Horticulture and Forestry
Fashion and Beauty
Medical and Healthcare
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Website creation and SEO Branding - new or revised, brand story/positioning Content strategy Marketing strategic planning Community Development strategic planning Event management/planning Project management/change management Employee Engagement/Culture Email marketing/CRM Crisis Communications/Change Management

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A P Alcorn P 5.00
What project did you work on with this agency?

When Alex and I started this company back in 2018, we had no idea what to do or how to get our business name out there so people that needed our services could find and choose our company. We did not have a website, logo, or anything we needed to get started. We had no idea where to start or who to go to. This was very scary and overwhelming It was a blessing to have met Sally Owner and Operator of Bossy Lady Consulting. She was so humble, knowledgeable, and willing to help in any way she could. She has a gift and a passion for her business and truly looks out for the best of the company she is working with. Not only was Sally experienced with many years in the marketing industry she was results-driven at a price we could afford.

What is your overal opinion of the work they did?

Whether you are a new start-up business, or an established business that needs some help Boss Lady is who you want. She knows where your money will be best spent to get the most out of what you need. She teaches you along the way and works with you. No more fear regarding if you are just being sold to, or if you are just throwing money down the drain with little to no results. Sally gets the job done! P.S She is still Rocking it for Alcorn Pump and Water Filtration as our marketing specialist

Are there any areas you think they could improve on?

She is on top of it ALL :)

How likely are you to recommend them?

10 out of 10